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Hi - just wanted to thank you for such great service in mailing my "treasure" box from my Cape Cod vacation back to Alaska.  Everything arrived in perfect condition on Tuesday of this week.  The box was packed and organized so well.  The packaging showed care and attention.  I really appreciate your business in Eastham, it was a relief to find a service to access computers, printing, and shipping while away from home.   Have a great season and will most certainly recommend your business and services to others should they be in need.

Sandy Kerns


I recently had a pallet shipped through your company to Seattle and just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the genuine willingness to help me and the wonderful customer service that Owen and Alisha provided!  Alisha was my first point of contact and was cheerful, patient and prompt in getting back to me with an approximate shipping rate and not ever having shipped in this quantity, I felt at ease.  My brother and I brought the items in and were greeted by Owen who demonstrated sincere understanding for my concerns with several fragile and valuable items...many of which are family heirlooms.  He was also prompt in staying in touch with me regarding the cost, process and shipping details...especially since I was flying back to Seattle the following day!  After a non-stop, somewhat emotional week of cleaning out my Dad’s house so he can downsize, it was comforting to know my valuables were in good hands being shipped across the country.

Upon picking them up a few days ago, everything survived the journey that began with your passionate team of employees!  Thank you and kudos to Owen for his pleasant demeanor and expert packing skills!   I will certainly have my Dad pass your name around and use you again in the future if the occasion arises.

Wendy Kirchner

EVERYTHING arrived safe and sound just as you had confidence that it would! I had felt confident after communicating with you so many times and I am happy to report that all was just as you described!  Your 
experienced and careful packing and shipping resulted in every item arriving in wonderful shape and in the time
that you promised.  Jeff, you were always prompt, professional, and patient responding to our many inquiries.  You had to go above and beyond in understanding and showing patience with the very slow decision making and action taking on our end which involved several people and several scenarios over a 5-6 month period.  I certainly hope every shipment you arrange for others isn't as time-consuming as ours!  I will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone and feel free to use us as a reference.

My brother wished to thank Bobby Orr for contacting him with a reference for you but certainly didn't want to 
infringe on his privacy again by doing so.  Please thank him for us if you feel appropriate. 

My 88 year old mother is absolutely thrilled to have her mother's Victorian sofa, her sister's own beautiful paintings and some precious family letters and photos, etc.  There is enough to keep her busy and her heart filled for quite a while!

Jeff, again we thank you.  
Marie Riggs

Jeff and Trevor
The cello arrived in Germany in perfect condition! Thanks for very good packaging.
Best regards

Hi Jeff,
Just want to say thanks for a terrific job. I received an email today from my contact in Wachenheim Germany (my cousin’s husband). He said the paintings arrived safely this morning and that the package was in perfect condition. The town’s castle restoration organization is hoping that the museum will be ready to open in the summer and are thrilled to be able to include the paintings. And I, of course, am thrilled that they got there okay because that is really where they belong, especially when I’m not around any more. The paintings, though not masterpieces, are so much a part of the local history of this small town.
With best of regards and again, thanks so much,
Ilse Fersing"
Thank You!

Owen -
The tea table arrived here in Cincinnati early last week in fine condition. I was quite impressed with your handiwork - the table was really well secured and protected! Thanks for taking the time to take care with it - I really appreciate it.


Regarding International Shipping:
I wanted to "thank you" for sending the medication to my grandson in Australia.  My daughter received it very early Friday morning. Thanks to you all the info was completed correctly & there was no problem with delivery. You made the whole process a pleasure.

Dotty Casella

Hey Owen!
I have to tell you how THRILLED I am with how well you treated Bill & I AND our many items you shipped.  EVERYTHING arrived intact!!!  Yes, even the clock!  I was a bit scared to open that box as it had been torn open in several places. All the bubble wrap saved it!! I haven't been back to the Cape in many years. This trip was bittersweet. You took a huge load from our shoulders by being kind and helping us with our huge project.
If you ever need a referral, drop me a line.

Thank you so much Owen and I wish you much success in ALL you do!!

Kelli Schmidt

I sold a painting to a woman from Florida and needed to ship it to her.  I was concerned about how I was going to package it because it was framed with glass.  I went to your store in Centerville to purchase packing materials and discovered that you could package the picture for a small fee and it would be fully insured.  I was very relieved to leave it in your hands.  I just received a thank you note from the lady and she stated - "Whoever packaged it did a fabulous job and it arrived in perfect condition.
Thank you to Owen for providing such great service.  

Donald Gauland

Regarding our cargo via Ocean freight to Brataslava, Slovakia via Hamburg, Germany, I would liek to thank you for shipping our stuff sound and safe. It made it safely into our garage on Friday.  Thank you again and I will give you only the best references.

Ivana Smith

Hi Jeff, just wanted to thank you for packing the painting so carefully, it arrived yesterday in perfect condition... now we know who to use on the Cape in the future!

Beth Whitman

Thanks for shipping my computer back quickly last week. It arrived as scheduled and in good shape”.

Dick Clayton

Finally opened the children's tea set you packed (perfectly once again). Thank you Jeff. Great job! See you 'round Christmas.

Chris Jonic

Best packaging ever! fast shipment. Great transaction.! Thanks!
eBay buyer, Jan 25 09, Milwaukee, WI

Item shipped: Eric Clapton Signed Memorabilia framed in glass

Hi Jeff,
You saved the day..or the Christmas to be precise!
The Fedex package arrived in Missouri at 12:09 PM in spite of a delay in Boston last night.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas too.
Thank you for your assistance. We won't forget your kindness.

Sincerely, C.Mary

"Everything arrived safely and was packed beautifully with great care. I was nervous about shipping family heirlooms across country, but Bill did a meticulous packing job!"

Bill, I'll see you next time I'm in town as I have two big boxes of china that also need to be shipped.

Best regards, Amy Capen

Finding it impossible to locate a company prepared to ship my fragile Shona stone sculpture on Martha's Vineyard I searched the web for a company on the Cape. Sandwich isn't exactly the closest and involves a boat ride, but I was impressed with Jeff and his interest in my problem. He said he would be able to create foam packing which would stabilize the large heron I was sending. It had a 25 inch neck which could crack very easily and needed very special handling and packing. So over I went with that and a couple of other pieces for him to ship.

He took extra time to listen to me and my instructions making him a cut above any other place I tried where it was just business as usual and where I experienced breakages. I felt that my client had a very good chance of receiving his heron in time for his wife's birthday in Georgia. It was delivered door to door and even a day early. I put my trust in Jeff and he came through and all with a sense of friendly commitment to service.

Joan Merry - Gossamer Gallery

“VERY well packed and made the long (and QUICK! Hooray for FedEx!!!) journey safely.”

Ken - eBay customer

“I received my artwork and must say that the running horses is truly a masterpiece and so was the packing job done by your shipping company”

Family member of artist Herb Sunderman

I always get excellent service when I use this store. The owner is always on the premises which makes it very efficient. He is very helpful in making sure you get the best price on shipping. I typically go here once a week for shipping or to make copies. My goods always arrive on time!Excellent Service‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Excellent Service‎ - customer posted on

“I wanted you to know how impressed I am with the care you took when packing my dad’s photo. It arrived in perfect condition. I felt like you packed it as if it were for your own family. Thank you!”

Thank you, Manuella Gonsalves

Shipping from the coast of Cape Cod to coasts all around the world!